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Little Jacinta is about to make her First Communion but she thinks it's all about the dress!  Her mother sacrifices her own wedding gown to make it, but out of vanity, Jacinta is not happy.  She thinks it's not fancy enough!  Mama prays the Rosary, asking the prayers of Our Lady of Fatima for guidance and soon, the treasure hunt for Great Grandma's veil begins! ​​

When Jacinta gets discouraged, Mama tells her about the "other Jacinta" and the message of Fatima.  Little by little, her heart is reoriented and on the day of her First Communion, she happily declares her faith in the Real Presence of Jesus! 
"A truly heart-warming story.   Children will 
learn along with little Jacinta about the important  messages of Our Lady of Fatima and ultimately, about the love of Jesus, who gives Himself totally in every Holy Communion."

Fr. Donald Calloway MIC
Author - Champions of The Rosary

"This book will encourage the whole family to live according to "God's Peace Plan." Our Lady is surely pleased."

David Carollo   
Exec. Director of World Apostolate of Fatima

"A timeless gem...destined to be a classic."

Michael La Corte 
Exec. Director  -  National Catholic Grandparents Association

8x10" Hardbound
Plus 6.00 S&H

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Jacinta looks at the dress with a very sad frown, for she wants an extra fancy one, with lots of ruffles, ribbon and such! She takes it from her mother but tears begin to flow down her face as she cries...

Mama I know you meant well
But I don't like this dress
It isn't pretty with lots of frills
Like Lisa's Amy's or Tess

I want to look like a princess
On my First Communion Day
So everyone will be impressed
And sure to look my way

Jacinta doesn't even seem to notice how her words hurt her mother, who was so excited to make her little girl happy! Out of pride, she is only thinking of herself!
And behold...THE VEIL... looking brand new! Jacinta's little heart beats fast from her excitement! Her parents give her a very happy hug! Amazed at the lovely tiara, she asks about the meaning of the red stones, so Mama explains...

The stones are natural, from the earth
Red stands for Christ's own blood
They number five for His worst wounds
The bleeding lamb of God

To the cross our sins did nail Him
Who came to set us free
His hands and feet and Sacred Heart
Pierced for you and me

So let this new-found veil
Remind of holy union
He wants to give Himself to you
In each Holy Communion
A miracle veil I prayed for
So all would notice me
I'm thankful for my parents
Who helped me truly see

The miracle is Jesus' love
His life, poured out for me
His Body, Blood and Soul
And His Divinity

I know that I am special
Not due to dress of lace
But just because He loves me
A miracle of grace

Copyright 2017 Nellie Edwards

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